Top 20 Homeland Security Solution Companies - 2016
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Top 20 Homeland Security Solution Companies - 2016

In the recent decades, nations has been exploring international, bilateral, political, and economic relationships and becoming much more interdependent for ensuring national security. With immediate threats like interstate conflicts, illegal immigration, proliferation of weapons for mass destruction, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is ardently working toward maintaining safety and security at government buildings, and civilian zones to strengthen warfare capabilities.

Today, the homeland security technologies are as diverse as the security threats. The key area of focus for DHS is the aviation security, wherein the highest priorities remain in passenger and baggage screening, biometric identification systems and anti-missile technologies to avoid hijacks, and air bombing. Meanwhile, the domestic and foreign intelligence is governed with information management tools and data mining software. The border security and infrastructure protection has triggered the demand for barriers, patrols, and surveillance tools. In addition, the national defense forces that are elemental to the nation’s security strategy are equally nurturing technology infrastructure to spawn innovation in military advancements and war fighting capabilities.

In this scenario, to help the CIOs find the right homeland security solution provider, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs CIOs, analysts, and the Government CIO Outlook’s editorial board has selected top players from over a wide array of solution and service providers. In our selection we looked at the vendors’ capabilities to fulfill the burning need for cost-effective and flexible solutions that add value to the homeland security marketplace.

We present to you Government CIO Outlook’s “Top 20 Homeland Security Solution Providers 2016.”

    Top Homeland Security Solution Companies

  • Helps the government to protect their applications, infrastructure, and assets and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of mission-critical functions for the warfighters and citizens

  • Delivers integrated security solutions to help federal agencies with security and risk management, personnel workflow, and business continuity

  • Assists both private and public companies with engineering capabilities, technical expertise, and solutions to deal with cybercrimes

  • A firm specializing in non cooperative face recognition from surveillance cameras, mobile phones, and social media

  • An IT company focused on providing security services to the federal and state government

  • Provides the most advanced engineering services and product solutions to address the national security requirements

  • Provider of innovative technologies and solutions for mission-critical national security programs for the intelligence community

  • Stand-alone EMM leader

  • Provider of traditional and digital identity solutions, delivering advanced safety, identification and security

  • Delivers actionable information for the federal community and government agencies

  • Safran Identity & Security

    Safran Identity & Security

    Provides identity and security solutions that encapsulate biometrics, payment security, border control to government as well as businesses

  • Dev Technology Group

    Dev Technology Group

    Delivering information technology services and solutions that protect and serve American citizens

  • IBM Federal

    IBM Federal

    Provider of security framework packed with intelligence, analytics, and integration for continuous monitoring and security situational awareness in federal sector

  • Lockheed Martin

    Lockheed Martin

    Cybersecurity solutions provider to integrate, sustain, secure, and advance networks and systems, and train government workforce around the world

  • Mythics


    An Oracle Platinum Partner IT solutions provider within the government, offering full range security through Oracle products and IT Professional Support Services

  • PAE


    Delivering support for the essential missions of the US government with global logistics, technical services, stability operations, and national security solutions

  • SAIC


    Provider of engineering, scientific, systems integration and technical services and products to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and other military agencies

  • Serco


    Serves government sector customers with secure systems, intelligence capabilities, and personnel functions

  • Tri S Security

    Tri S Security

    Providing contract guard services to Federal government agencies along with recruiting, training and supervising security guards in the Federal workforce

  • Unisys


    Delivering innovative security solutions to facilitate the transition to digital government