The Ambit Group: Strategic Operations, Communications, and IT Consulting across DHS

The Ambit Group: Strategic Operations, Communications, and IT Consulting across DHS

Kim Hayes, Co-Founder & CEO, The Ambit GroupKim Hayes, Co-Founder & CEO
Faced with increasing cyber and physical security threats, federal CIOs today are challenged to share sensitive information at the right time, right place, and with the right users, while maintaining control of their data. Our government has been compelled to adopt more comprehensive and effective security systems to combat threats—all while bound by strict fiscal constraints. According to Kim Hayes and John Condon, the co-founders of The Ambit Group, today’s government needs to integrate strategic federal consulting into the transformation and modernization of Federal Office of CIO (OCIO) operations. “We want to integrate the essential components of federal operations, communications, and IT into a more cohesive ambit,” says Kim. This is where the Ambit Group excels.

Keeping pace with emerging solutions in information sharing, cyber, and programmatic operations, Ambit employs an integrated operational approach that analyzes and converts data into actionable information. Ambit provides evaluation tools to measure ROI, risk of integration with new technologies, and ensures effective communication of vision, risk and operational changes to staff, contractors, and partners. Users can evaluate external threats and trends, and translate their impact on current operations and strategic initiatives in an agile, measurable manner. “We’ve collaborated with our government partners to measure, streamline, and improve operations, recovering over $112M in the last seven years,” Kim Hayes explains.

Further, Ambit’s core competencies deployed across U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) include organizational transformation, agile program operations, data management, and information sharing. To incorporate these competencies based on their needs, clients can utilize Ambit’s proven analytic and measurement tools. “Ambit is committed to continuous service delivery improvement to meet the mission of government,” extols Kim.

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Through their internal Ambit University, the firm delivers training exclusive to its employees. By monitoring emerging technologies, Ambit continually seeks improvement in the delivery of tasks and addresses gaps through education or innovation. In one instance, Ambit helped Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), a DHS agency, in their Telecom Transformation from radio to secure mobile devices. Ambit’s approach enabled FEMA OCIO to realize operational costs of more than $44M across its telecom portfolio.

Moreover, the firm provided program and project management support services, strategic planning, and development and implementation support of emerging technologies for the FEMA Disaster Management (DM) e-Gov program. Ambit’s agile program management also contributed to the development of the National Weather Service feature for the FEMA Mobile App, supported the refactoring and migration of a legacy digital asset management system to Amazon Web Services (AWS), and engineered the re-design and migration of FEMA websites to the Salesforce platform. “Ambit’s agile project management approach has enabled the FEMA DM program to deliver quality products or services in support of FEMA’s core mission,” points out Kim.

Ambit’s R&D team continually scans the market to monitor emerging trends that will require new methodologies and technologies to deliver the innovative solutions that their federal clients have come to expect. The company aims to bring best-of-breed solutions to its federal clients with a team of talented individuals who are certified in PMP, ITIL, CISSO, ScrumMaster, and Six Sigma. “Our market is a puzzle and I enjoy putting the puzzle pieces together by investing in tools and training needed to identify the non-obvious first. We’ll continue to deliver excellent service, become a voice for the mid-tier firms, and support growth of the next generation of small businesses through our Ambit Accelerator,” concludes Kim.