Dynamic Trading Exchange Technology: Building Online Security Fortress

Dynamic Trading Exchange Technology: Building Online Security Fortress

To say there are many players in homeland security domain would be a paradoxical statement. The high risk involved in this sector intimidates many who want to venture into the landscape. However, this wasn’t the case for Alex Berroa, CEO of DTXT Corp. His passion for solving crime puzzles combined with engineering expertise and analytical abilities set the stage for DTXT Corp, thirty years back. Alex along with his team has devised a unique solution to deal with security breaches. Leveraging more than three decades of expertise, the firm stands tall in the homeland security ecosystem with its solution that embeds cutting-edge technology and is impenetrable.

Alex presses on the fact that lawful interception has drastically changed with advancement of technology. An apt example would be the makeover of messaging landscape when the app WhatsApp surfaced. The ability of the app to function even without a mobile tower makes it difficult to chase felons, who might be communicating through the app. DTXT Corp’s Eyenet solution eases the fight with its unique features that combines data analytics, voice and mobility solutions. It garners data from all types of traffic and reconstructs them in order to view, analyze, protect, and investigate the information.

Adducing a testimonial, where a financial institution grappled with theft of money, Alex states that insider threat is a major concern for every organization. These threats mostly involves exfiltration of sensitive company data such as customer records, credit card details to defame the organization or is done in lieu of monetary benefit. In the example that he cited, the theft although had happened from an external source but its roots were established to be internal after DTXT’s thorough investigation. Through Eyenet’s artificial intelligence (AI) transactions based detection, DTXT was able to identify the whistleblower within the organization.

Cracking down on insider threats, which as the DTXT team have noted are surreptitious in nature, is a difficult proposition. DTXT offers comprehensive behavior and AI based technique coupled with peer group analysis to detect any aberration in internal data usage. Through comparison of historical data with current data usage, Eyenet solution is able to assuage organizations of the internal threat concerns and remove the noise associated with incremental changes in user behavior.

DTXT Corp’s Eyenet solution eases the fight with its unique features that combines data analytics, voice and mobility Solutions

Another concern, that Alex construes is of grave concern, is IP theft. Malicious attacks, ranging from directly targeted malware to sophisticated social engineering approaches, attributes majorly to IP theft. Although, development of data classification alongside transactional alerting provides the first level of protection, it fails to offer intelligent ways to curb malicious attacks as well as create a rapid response. By leveraging data analysis, Eyenet solution quickly verifies if mission-critical data is at risk from repeated attacks or abnormal usage.

While DTXT was solving the money theft issue of its client, they came across many loopholes in the security infrastructure. DTXT strengthened security measures by installing better internal systems and bolstering ISC (Internal Security Control). By doing so they developed an unsurpassable trust factor that has translated into building better customer relations.

According to Alex, battling security threats, if not already complex, will have more complexity going forward. Alex and his team of experts envision a holistic approach to revamp organizational framework in accordance with the technological outbreaks that the future holds. As the world moves towards virtual identity with social media and internet taking the driver’s seat, thinking out of the box is a must to ensure that the security of an organization is not compromised. DTXT drives on this maxim while adopting new technologies and adapting to consumer needs.