Convergint Technologies: Holistic Approach to Safety and Security

Convergint Technologies: Holistic Approach to Safety and Security

Vincent Piau, General Manager, Convergint Government Solutions, Convergint TechnologiesVincent Piau, General Manager, Convergint Government Solutions
The rapid advancement of technology has brought with it an increase in innovation and convenience alongside an upsurge invulnerability and risk. One of the most compelling challenges facing the U.S. Government is providing security for its personnel, visitors, and facilities. “To appropriately tackle the current and future Homeland Security challenges, our whole approach needs to change and innovation is necessary for security technology and procurement methods alike,” states Vincent Piau, General Manager, Convergint Government Solutions, Convergint Technologies.

“We are uniquely positioned with our global reach and local service footprint, and it is our holistic approach that truly differentiates us and enables us to produce the desired security and safety outcomes for our clients,” adds Piau. As a trusted global partner that can meet the security and safety requirements of government clients, the firm designs, installs, and services enterprise solutions including: identity management, physical access control systems, video surveillance, mass notification, as well as fire and life safety systems.

With a dedicated team comprised of over 2,600 subject matter experts across more than 75 locations, Convergint’s incredible talent understands the risks and threats facing government agencies, offering tailored solutions for government-specific requirements. “One of our primary roles is to translate our commercial success and experience to our government clients by making it easier for them to partner with us from a contracting perspective,” says Piau.

As a qualified Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 “HSPD- 12” Service Provider, Convergint Technologies is a true partner of the U.S. Government in standardizing secure and reliable forms of identification. Convergint Technologies is a certified Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management (FICAM) integrator with vast experience in installing, servicing, and performing preventive maintenance throughout the U.S. Furthermore, all of the Convergint Technologies offices across the U.S. are UL2050-certified for SCIF installation and service.

It is our holistic approach that truly differentiates and enables us to produce the desired security and safety outcomes for our clients

“We create business outcomes that can be translated into improving current processes, providing operational knowledge, enhancement of safety, reduction of costs and risks, compliance, and enrichment of the overall user experience,” explains Piau. “For instance, the benefits of a Physical Identity Access Management system can be extended to the automation of manual processes, process optimization, and a higher quality user experience, which translates into tangible improvements and ROI.”

In one particular case study, Convergint Technologies was hired by a large federal civilian agency within DHS. The agency faced technology challenges and had to meet stringent government requirements, including Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12. In order to help the agency better understand their technology needs, they first had to complete an inventory of the current services and equipment to better match a local service footprint. Once this was done, Convergint Technologies offered them their iCare Customer Portal as a solution. This is a web-based customer service software that provides 100% transparency and real-time updates, with online access to service and installation work orders, management reporting, and secured document sharing.

iCare allowed for metrics and reporting which enabled the identification of areas for improvement. “We were able to solve their problem by having a single-source solution across their enterprise. We then put a contract vehicle in place that allows them up-front procurement and repeatable service offerings,” explains Piau. The final outcome is an improvement of workflow and a strategic approach to the technology refresh and government requirements.

Convergint Technologies is dedicated to continuous development and invests millions annually for colleague training and certifications in enterprise security, IT, and network systems. “As innovators and thought leaders, our goal is to keep clients abreast of current trends, technologies, and risks, and enable them to leverage the technology in a way that creates the business outcomes they are seeking,” affirms Piau.