SigNet Technologies: A Convergint Technologies Company- Comprehensive and Robust Security

Gary Harmon, EVP, SigNet TechnologiesGary Harmon, EVP
“We invest in our people. We invest in them personally and professionally enabling us to take the federal market by storm,” begins Gary Harmon, the EVP of SigNet Technologies “Convergint Federal Solutions.” Due to the rapid amalgamation of cyber and physical security sectors, businesses find themselves in complex and intensely hostile environments. The advent of technology in the modern age has been a boon, leading to innovations like never before. However, with more connected devices entering the spectrum due to big data and the IoT, the enterprise vulnerability factor has become larger than ever. In particular, for federal agencies, identifying the right solution and the ability to protect information systems amid a plethora of cloud and other modular solutions has been a major pain point. To truly encompass all aspects of security evolving toward total convergence and take protection to the next level, there needs to be disruption and innovation. This is where SigNet comes into play; a company focusing mainly on the physical security needs, SigNet helps organizations with deploying the entire spectrum of services, systems and equipment for the federal government.

Harmon mentions that mobile technologies are one alternative direction for access identity and credentialing. The data control via cloud steers greater efficiencies and promotes managed services in a more precise manner. Also, enterprise security has elevated to a whole new level where identifying active shooters, criminal activities or other potential threats or disasters in real time have become an unavoidable aspect. To counter such predicaments, SigNet presents integrated security solutions that reduces and mitigates risk at the elementary level and simultaneously boosts the return on investment for their clients. The company follows a robust model which includes stakeholders and possible sources of information and technology to bring awareness, dodge losses, and minimize threats.
“Our business model is operations and engineering driven; we work closely with manufacturers and other solution providers to offer more advanced cyber-safeguards in order to protect network-connected devices,” asserts Harmon. Moreover, SigNet has invested immensely in the field of federal identity, credential, and access management, which has earned them the title of federal clients’ “trusted advisor.”

The company’s teams have boundless experience in deploying the entire spectrum of systems and equipment for federal government institutions with a successful track record of handling large programs and projects. They provide products, services, and solutions that meet the requirements and expectations of their clients and simultaneously focus on improving quality, through programs and processes.

Our business model is operations and engineering driven; we work closely with manufacturers and other solution providers to offer more advanced cyber-safeguards in order to protect network-connected devices

The relationship with one of SigNet’s largest clients began when the client approached them, seeking assistance for a certain card reader to work with their access control system. Within no time, the client’s problem was resolved, this led to SigNet furthering their relationship by consolidating ten regional systems meant for card authentication and integrating them into one enterprise system. Moreover, they assisted their customer with a proper design for the systems to provide appropriate planning that ensures on-time delivery of services.

With a vibrant company culture in place, SigNet is continuously looking forward to providing new-age training to their colleagues for all leading technologies and disciplines. “One of our mottos is, ‘Design for Quality rather than Test for Quality.’ Our unique and empowered culture promotes balanced lives, which translates into happy colleagues who consistently have a ‘Whatever it Takes’ attitude,” asserts Harmon. With the constant backing of Convergint’s desire to grow globally, SigNet plays a part of that growth via the Federal market through organized and strategic expansion plans in the near future.