ManTech International Corporation [NASDAQ:MANT]: Extensive C4ISR Solutions for Homeland...

ManTech International Corporation [NASDAQ:MANT]: Extensive C4ISR Solutions for Homeland Security

George J. Pedersen, Founder & CEO, ManTech International CorporationGeorge J. Pedersen, Founder & CEO
A recurring spate of highly complex cyber-attacks along with brewing terrorist threats against the government and the citizens has made it crucial for homeland security agencies to fortify their critical infrastructure in cyberspace. Government agencies today seek solutions to enhance their response management capabilities while minimizing manual work processes to improve workflow efficiency and overall productivity. Vital factors driving the increased adoption of advanced cyber technologies for homeland security include economic growth, large-scale infrastructure engineering projects like smart cities, along with transparent and accessible security processes.

Founded almost 4 decades ago with a vision to provide advanced technological services to U.S. defense establishments and other federal government customers, ManTech International Corporation [NASDAQ:MANT] has kept pace with the emerging technological trends by developing the resources to master them. Fairfax, VA-based ManTech’s technological expertise encompasses cyber security, software and systems development, program protection, and systems engineering. “ManTech has established a strong reputation as a leader in the cyber market based on proven performance,” extols George Pedersen, CEO of ManTech International Corporation,” delineates George J. Pedersen, Founder and CEO, ManTech International Corporation.

Over the years, ManTech has improvised on their technological prowess to provide comprehensive, integrated security support to critical national security programs for federal agencies. The firm’s homeland cyber security services include integration for continuous diagnostics and mitigation across a wide range of government networks. Offering a suite of government and commercial solutions, ManTech’s caliber for design, development, analysis, implementation, and support for all aspects of C4ISR systems (Capabilities/Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) and technology. The firm’s expertise spans ground, airborne, and space systems including command-and-control (C2) infrastructure, ISR platforms and sensors, and the communication, dissemination, and analysis of data.

ManTech has established a strong reputation as a leader in the cyber market based on proven performance

The military’s need for reliable, real-time information about the battle space is solved by the Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) wherein ManTech provides system integration, sustainment, technology insertion, integrated logistics, guidance, field support, and training for this sophisticated C4ISR system.

Additionally, ManTech also supports the operation and maintenance of critical biometrics systems to ensure stringent access control in military installations. The firm also supports Base Expeditionary Targeting and Surveillance Systems-Combined (BETSS-C) that aid in protecting the military bases from unprecedented attacks. A combination of surveillance systems, BETSS-C equips forward operating bases in hostile environments with advanced protection. The firm has also led support teams in space-based ISR, including Space Based Radar, Baseline NRO Imaging Systems, Next Imaging System, the ground-based Space Surveillance Telescope, and other national programs

ManTech has successfully evolved into applying the lessons learnt in the relentless realm of national security to aid the private sector enterprises in protecting their networks and critical information. One of the instances earlier this year, had ManTech partnering with Saudi-based Jadwalean International Operations & Management Company, to sign a five-year contract to deliver technical assistance and advisory services to the Royal Saudi Air Force. ManTech is also a contributor of mission assurance solutions to support the flight projects of space research agencies such as NASA, providing them with comprehensive safety, reliability, quality assurance, and engineering support. The firm manages technical risks and optimization of designs for safety and mission assurance performance through reliability analyses, worst-case analyses, unit and system-level failure modes effects and criticality analyses (FMECAs); and probabilistic risk assessments. “We look forward to developing next generation capabilities for advanced cyber operations and analytics that will protect our customers from emerging threats,” concludes Pedersen.