Invictus International Consulting: Cyber Spartans At Work

Invictus International Consulting: Cyber Spartans At Work

 Jim Kelly, President & CEO With the charming, quaint Old Town Alexandria in the backdrop, the corporate office of Invictus resembles the anachronistic determination of the Spartans from the famous battle of Thermopylae. With the corporate sign and a Spartan helmet welcoming guests at the entrance, Jim Kelly, President and CEO, Invictus International Consulting, draws his company's stature to King Leonidas, the Spartan with the heroic last stand, unconquered in the face of adversity, beating back an invasion. “I have a vision of assembling a team of Spartans with best and brightest minds in cybersecurity to defend the gates of America, every day, 24/7,” says Kelly. This thought was natural for him; following the footsteps of his father who shaped and inspired his career as a U.S. Naval Officer, Kelly is driven by a sense of purpose. “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul,” he recalls this excerpt from the poem Invictus by William Ernest Henley, and how it has fortified his tranquil devotion towards the nation, leading to the genesis of its namesake company. The seasoned military veterans at Invictus have transferred their passion for defending the country to a new battlefield—the cyber community with “vetrepreneurship”—translating their extensive experience in military services into the corporate boardroom.

Today, Invictus International Consulting is en route to conquering the holy grail of cybersecurity panorama: making the seemingly arduous task of protecting America’s infrastructure and commercial industry a reality. With the honor and responsibility of protecting organizations, both on commercial and government front, the company has been successful in piquing the interest of an elite clientele. “Whether it’s safeguarding critical information’s flow to decision makers or ensuring that the appropriate technology is leveraged to counter the ever innovating adversaries, Invictus is going to be an integral part of America’s journey to defend its gates,” says Kelly.

Invictus’ services span a broad spectrum of consulting, analysis, as well as software development innovations, specifically concentrating on cybersecurity and information technology areas across the key verticals of Intelligence, National and Homeland Security communities. “In the cyber battlefield, adversaries are always working in stealth mode. They get noticed only after they have taken action,” says the CEO. “Our job is to drive the lights into these dark corners and fortify protection,” adds Sean Hensen, Invictus’ Vice President of Business Development.

Unwavering Commitment to Nation’s Security

As a former Business Development Director at Computer Science Corporation (CSC; now CSRA) Hensen points out that as the horizon of cybersecurity changes, Invictus adjusts and adapts itself to assist organizations and agencies in safeguarding their mission critical data and infrastructure with commercial best practices, and state-of-the-art, cloud-enabled, and small footprint technologies.

It is our fundamental approach that is carving its own niche by integrating cyberthreats intruding the government and commercial industries

For instance, some of the new methods to safeguard data migration within IT systems are error prone and have opened up new doors of opportunities for hackers and cyber attack perpetrators. “On one program, Invictus is assisting in developing several unique systems within secure mobile technologies for carrying sensitive data to and from high-level federal officials, essentially it is a secure wireless solution for enabling seamless information sharing from mobile endpoints,” says Hensen. The firm is rapidly earning a reputation as one of the forerunners in provisioning technology solutions and professional services to the National Security and Defense Communities worldwide. Be it cyber security, cloud migration, web and application development, systems and IT infrastructure engineering, and operations and maintenance services, Invictus is the one-stop shop for delivering diverse IT services. Seasoned in CNA, CND, and CNE, the cyber Spartans at Invictus get their hands on unique insight into the real world threats, enabling cyber security professionals in combating intrusion on the U.S. national and commercial infrastructure.

“Our systems enable cyber threat analysis, 24/7 monitoring, penetration testing, and remediation activities for protecting data in government and commercial sector,” explains Cornelius Roberts, Director of Cybersecurity Operations, Invictus International. The highly experienced analysts at Invictus perform all-source analysis and information fusion along with application of big data and link analysis technologies, onsite with their customers. “Invictus is becoming a leader in cultivating analysis and leveraging appropriate technology to better understand and organize customer data. We strive to build fusion between data science and intelligence analysis to garner unique insights around data sets,” states Jamie Navarro, Invictus International’s Vice President of Operations who is a former Air Force officer with over 25 years of experience in national security.

Invictus complements their solutions with a wide range of training services that cover diverse areas such as, course development, schoolhouse planning and support, instructor support and more. With a broad range of strategic operational analysis to targeted studies, Invictus expedites programming, planning, budgeting, and execution (PPBE) decisions for devising customer-specific capabilities, program, and innovative technologies.

“In a nutshell, we bring in the capabilities of a bellwether organization while maintaining the agility of a small company. From security solutions surrounding Amazon’s AWS cloud platform to highly secure wireless solutions, we ensure the security of protected data from a number of threats, including corporate espionage,” explains Greg Carroll, Director of Assessment and Authorization, Invictus International.

Bringing Extensive Experience to Bear

Endorsing a vendor agnostic approach, Invictus has evidently made its mark in delivering the cornucopia of expertise—a domain that is Invictus’ strong suit. “It is our fundamental approach that is carving our niche by intertwining and changing the fabric and the culture of how cyber threats are dealt with in the government and commercial industries by leveraging our years of expertise,” extols Don Adcock VP, Intelligence Program, Invictus, a former CIO and government Senior Executive.

“Invictus is a mission-focused organization where my experience has found appropriate application to keep me constantly motivated to make a difference,” adds Nick Andersen, one of Invictus’ lead cyber security executives and a former CIO at U.S. Navy Intelligence and U.S. Coast Guard Intelligence.

With a growing clientele across geographical boundaries, Invictus takes pride in having numerous customer success stories, both from government and commercial sectors under its belt. The Invictus team has recently worked in close partnership with an intelligence agency to develop new software for intelligence analysis. Ingestion of the massive data available was a challenge for the agency. Invictus developers delivered a number of applications that helped solve the problem by integrating both structured and unstructured data at multi-classification levels. The company also helped the client integrating their expertise in using Hadoop and other cutting-edge tools, enabling the client to work harmoniously with all their data from disparate sources.

"We are creating an atmosphere of cooperative trust, sharing information with the right people at the right time in the right manner"

In addition to this, Invictus recently was awarded a new cybersecurity support contract from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The client is driving an initiative to modernize monitoring of air traffic, besides providing and implementing integrated homeland defense. “Our lead security engineers are establishing strategies and security plans as well as assessing security threats and vulnerabilities. As the civil defense and homeland security cooperation are coming together to secure the aviation and transportation sector, we stand at the intersection of each of these communities and will help to integrate cybersecurity capabilities,” explains Andersen.

Namesake for Unconquered

The firm, a Service-Disabled Veteran- Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), has reserved a spot for itself at the vanguard of provisioning innovative cybersecurity solutions, feeding its strong desire to serve and defend the nation. Interestingly, Invictus, which means ‘unconquered’ in Latin, is a paragon of ‘symbiotic ecosystem of relationships’ cultivated over two decades within the community. With an undying devotion to family, friends and most importantly to the nation, “We are creating an atmosphere of cooperative trust, sharing information with the right people at the right time in the right manner,” says Kelly. In saying so, Kelly reflects a blend of optimism and earnest credulity that fortifies his fervor to lead Invictus to prodigiousness.

- Aaron Pierce
    May 26, 2017