Gallagher Group Limited: Redefining Homeland Security with Encrypted Systems

Gallagher Group Limited: Redefining Homeland Security with Encrypted Systems

Michael Collins, VP-Security, Gallagher Group LimitedMichael Collins, VP-Security
With growing attacks in and around the nation, advanced access control solutions are found to be highly effective as they issue security alerts to help educational, financial, transportation, and healthcare institutions renew their focus on security protocols. Meanwhile, progressive perimeter security systems are equally crucial to prevent serious breaches perpetrated by humans, wildlife, or natural calamities.

As an animal management business unit during the 1960s, the Gallagher Group began by helping farmers regulate farm life with technology-assisted perimeter fencing to raise their productivity. Today, Gallagher has taken its technological prowess to the hyper-competitive homeland security solutions market by providing fully integrated access control systems, intruder alarm management, and perimeter security solutions. Incorporating the latest advanced encryption security standards to guard government, research and defense facilities, Gallagher’s efforts are focused on comprehending the customer’s struggles. “People buy from people, it is all about relationships. Our relationships are tightly knit and we value them,” extols Michael Collins, VP-Security, Gallagher Group Limited.

Founded on two core principles of deterrence and detection, Gallagher’s Command Center is a scalable central management platform that allows configuration and management of access control, intruder alarms, perimeter security, and business compliance. Command Center has extensive capabilities to extend the visibility and control of access and raise perimeter alarms. The platform is highly customizable and is equipped with a 256 bit advanced encryption system using minimal network space. Additionally, the intruder alarm management feature on the platform has options to configure intruder detection zones. These zones play a crucial role in delaying the entry and exit of an armed intruder on the premises of an establishment. In one instance, a school district in South Dakota averted a possible carnage by isolating a gunman, placing physical barriers based on alerts issued by the Gallagher Command Center.

People buy from people, it is all about relationships and our relationships are tightly-knit and we value them

The enterprise level lockdown controls are capable of limiting access to buildings, controlling fire doors, as well as, providing an audit trail along with video alerts. The command center builds a security manager’s confidence by helping them detect anomalies in their security network to start resolution procedures to prevent an unprecedented attack or safety event.

Having expanded across hundreds of countries with niche detection solutions, Gallagher also specializes in PIV (Personal Identity Verification) solutions that meets the FICAM (Federal Identity, Credential and Access Management) requirements for federal agencies. Gallagher has also developed a visitors’ management solution that works in concert with their core access control solution. The visitors’ management solution plays a crucial role during emergency situations, such as evacuation procedures to provide full accountability for the number of people present or absent on the premises. Gallagher’s solution can be customized and integrated into video platforms and biometrics systems to provide a fully integrated access control and perimeter security solution.

Gallagher is forging ahead with solutions that utilize more cloud technologies to further advance their core offerings in the near future. They will continue to ensure core protocols such as high encryption levels to assist in preventing cyber hacking of networks. Staffed by highly motivated individuals, the company attributes their success to having one of the best teams on the ground. With a commitment to deliver solutions with high quality and impeccable security credentials, the firm is constantly testing their latest technologies to iron out discrepancies. Gallagher is looking to innovate with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) readers that will solve many customer challenges, giving them more convenient options. “We have a long way to go; it is a tough journey and we’re not into this just to sell. We work with our customers in a partnership to see them through till the end,” concludes Collins.