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CSRA [NYSE:CSRA]: Technology-driven Security Approach

Lawrence B. Prior III, President & CEO, CSRALawrence B. Prior III, President & CEO The U.S. has witnessed numerous threats and international and domestic terrorism attacks that deeply questioned its security systems and exposed actual level of vulnerability. According to the recent U.S. Homeland Security and Public Safety Market research, between 2016-2022, the prevailing security threats would include growing cyber threats, biological concerns, and transnational criminal organizations that are increasing in strength and capability. Alongside, the danger posed by cyber attacks extends not only to critical infrastructure systems such as the power grid and water systems but even to the nation’s economy.

Perhaps the greatest threat the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) needs to defend against in the coming years is not from physical entity but cyberspace intrusion. This threat will only grow more atrocious as information and communication technology continues to evolve at a rapid rate and non-state actors are increasingly investing in cyber-capabilities. In managing IT processes and procedures, DHS its components, and contractors continue to be challenged to develop integrated, cost-effective, and secure systems management policies, and protect personally identifiable information. These can directly affect the capacity to manage counterterrorism, transborder security, immigration, and resilience and screening.

For the past five decades CSRA has been working hand-in-hand with the U.S. government programs and agencies with unique IT solutions that are in pace with the changing environment and needs. They deliver a broad range of next-generation IT solutions and professional services to help the government agencies modernize their legacy systems, protect their networks and assets, and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of mission-critical functions for the country’s warfighters and citizens.

“CSRA is focused on U.S. federal government and we help them with enterprise IT and next gen IT. The future is moving towards the cloud and really with big data analytics and protecting it with great cyber capabilities, so we are moving with times offering U.S. government customers achieve their critical mission outcomes by leading them on the next stage of their digital journey,” says Lawrence B. Prior III, President and CEO. CSRA’s solutions offer a holistic approach to convert business problems into business outcomes using advanced technologies such as agile development, ERP implementations, and cloud platforms.

The company leverages its own IT expertise, mission knowledge, and industry-leading strategic partners, including Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft Azure, ServiceNow and many emerging technology companies to deliver innovative solutions that contribute toward safeguarding the nation and public safety.

Enhancing the quality of and access to citizen service is a top priority for the U.S. federal government, and technology is a critical component

For instance, CSRA has specifically chosen to work with AWS GovCloud (US), an isolated AWS region that can host sensitive data and regulated workloads. CSRA can meet its customers’ strict data security requirements through the AWS GovCloud (US), “Part of our responsibility as a leading federal IT contractor is to protect and secure the data of our government customers,” says Matt Bergen, Chief Enterprise Architect for CSRA. “AWS GovCloud (US) helps us meet our customers’ important FedRAMP and ITAR requirements. And, as AWS GovCloud (US) expands the number of accreditations it has, we will be able to meet additional data protection demands going forward.”

Leveraging Advanced Technologies

The DHS IT Strategic Plan 2015-2018 reflects the rapidly-changing IT environment and evolving mission and business needs, as well as IT’s role in every aspect of security and resilience. The department wants to establish a model for continuous business process improvement that enables transparent, data-driven decisions, and rapid delivery of high-quality IT capabilities. CSRA offers deep domain and mission expertise, while serving as a trusted advisor to help the federal customers deliver services to the public more competently and efficiently. The company assists U.S. federal, local, and state government to update or transform existing, aging applications and map their transition to mobile and cloud solutions. Their digital services encompass a broad range of solutions for application portfolio modernization, maintenance support, mobile enablement, migration to cloud platforms.

CSRA’s digital platform solutions deliver agile infrastructure services such as converged infrastructure, Platform as a Service (PaaS), IT Service Management (ITSM), and cloud management with mobile platforms—Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and mobile PaaS. They deliver proficient and on-demand managed services anyplace— whether on the customer’s premises, at a partner data center, or within CSRA’s own data centers. The company understands the need for IT systems and networks for DHS that can be proactively managed and monitored to ensure weaknesses are identified, compliance with best practices is maintained, and risk-based strategies are in place to adjust to rapid changes in the threat landscape. The company’s experts have proven success in leading customers on a secure journey from traditional IT to a digital enterprise with minimum risk.

The Greatest Challenge

The U.S. government realizes that cyberspace and its primary infrastructure are susceptible to a wide range of risks stemming from both physical and cyber peril and danger.

Sophisticated cyber attackers readily utilize vulnerabilities to steal information and money by developing capabilities to destroy, disrupt or threaten the delivery of necessary services. As IT becomes increasingly incorporated with physical infrastructure operations, there is augmented risk for wide scale or high-consequence events that could disrupt service development which often results in huge loss.

CSRA leads customers through the development and execution of critical IT security best practices such as implementing IT security processes and tools, information assurance, and managing Security Operations Centers (SOC). Their cyber experts build comprehensive strategies and solutions to tackle new attack vectors associated with large scale adoption of hybrid IT, including cloud and mobility, as well as the emerging governmental challenge of insider threat. The company also helps government agencies derive value from big data through their data science solutions using best-of-breed technologies, including traditional platforms and open source. They help chart a path based on specific mission needs in a variety of critical areas, including data management; Master Data Management (MDM); data warehousing; analytics; Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL); Big Data; and In-Memory Database (IMDB) solutions.

Employing Citizen Services

CSRA knows that enhancing the quality of and access to citizen services is a top priority for the U.S. federal government, of which technology is a significant component. In this era of increased global threats and national security challenges, DHS remains mindful of their obligation to provide immigration service in a manner that strengthens and fortifies the nation. CSRA’s Professional and Citizen Services area focuses on supporting the customers deliver valuable, agile, and efficient business process services and improved customer experiences that are enabled by cutting edge IT and software to support public service performance management, health care access, global visa processing, and background investigations. They also assist DHS in administering every aspect of their mission so that new immigrants and citizens can hold in high regard the privileges and advantages of lawful presence in the U.S.

"We are focused on helping U.S. government customers achieve their critical mission outcomes by leading them on the next stage of their digital journey"

The DHS aims at building an IT Strategic Plan that can provide the Department’s IT workforce with a strategy for focused collaboration on achieving their goals and objectives, enabling mission success. Here, CSRA’s passionate employees blend business process, technical and design capabilities with a proven complete approach to solve customer business challenges, drawing on best practices across government agencies. The company is leading innovation through next-gen technology and solutions in cloud, big data, mobility, and apps offering the DHS a platform that can curb counterterrorism and security issues. For the days to come, CSRA is working toward enhancing their technical and domain expertise with strategic partnerships that can assist in developing and delivering innovative end-to-end solutions along with flexible and informed point of view optimizing customers’ technology choices.

- Eileen Singh
    August 03, 2016